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  • The Gusset

    Defined by a popular dictionary, a gusset is a piece of cloth usually in the shape of a triangle that is sewn into a garment to make it wider or stronger; a usually diamond-shaped or triangular insert in a seam to provide expansion or reinforcement. 

    For SHDG’s use, a gusset is a diamond shaped piece of fabric is sewn into the crotch of the pant, which eliminates four seams coming together in one place. The gusset helps disperse stress around the crotch area creating a more comfortable fit and providing freedom of movement. 

    Our Gusset Work Pants are the ideal pant for the working man. Made in America, from performance-enhanced fabric, all of our pants have a built-in gusset, making them a pant that you can be comfortable wearing for hours on end. 

    With extra pocket space and a rubber gripper tape in the waistline, our gusset pants offer versatility for any man, of any size. 

    Quality, durability, and longevity – the recipe for a pant you’ll be sure to love.

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